Engelena Yeo co-founded A Gift Gallery,

an online platform focusing on pastries, cakes and gifts that are perfect for any occasions.


Born to a humble family, Engelena finished her tertiary education and graduated with a Diploma of Business Administration.

She started working full-time but her passion for pastries/baking bade her job goodbye and decided to make her pastry chef dream a reality.


She pursued a full-time studies in At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, the premier school for culinary, pastry and baking, F&B service courses in Singapore.

Upon graduation, she worked as an intern in a kitchen and gained experience.


Despite having to juggle with her studies and family (mother of 2 children), the joy when she sees people enjoying her pastries kept her going.


She realised it was not easy for working mothers, let alone those single-parent families. She wants to bring hope to the less privileged and less fortunate family who need that helping hand.


At A Gift Gallery, I am happy to see our customers enjoying the labour of love and hope to pass it forward to the less fortunate. Your support will keep them going!


Our range of pastry products includes All-time favourites, bite-sized sweets, to appeal to everyone and for any occasions.


True passion and love for the craft of dessert making also means using the freshest premium ingredients, made from scratch and baked fresh daily.


Drop by and taste the sweetness of my passion!